Attractive, Innovative, Reusable


The Soda Grip converts the awkward 2 Liter Soda bottle into an easy to handle unit.  It is a patented 2-Liter bottle holder that is especially useful for people with limited hand strength (arthritis), children and anyone who struggles with the clumsy 2 Liter.  The specially designed handle allows ease of opening & closing.  

You can "get a grip on your soda" & make it fun & easy to pour a beverage  while helping to KEEP IT CARBONATED & COLD!
Available in assorted colors.  For a limited time only! 

Take Your Soda Grip Anywhere!  


Advertise Your Business
Great for Fundraisers
Reusable 2 Liter Bottle Handle
Easy to pour with ONE hand!

  So Many Uses!
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Product Made in the U.S.A.